My approach to a reading is to respect the right of free choice that God has given to each of us.  I can only see possible futures, but remember always you co-create your life every day by your choices, your magnetic thoughts, along with the blessing of your higher power.

I will connect with your spirit guides and angels through my guidance system to offer you the information that is in your highest interest and that of all concerned. I use Angel cards as a vehicle for the information to come from the highest source vibration. I also do relationship comparison charts, if requested using astrology.

I can do readings by phone, or in person, and am also available for private gatherings and events. In a face to face reading, I ask that you bring a personal item with you, as I do Psychometry too. 

I have appeared many times at the Edgar Cayce ARE Center of Houston doing private psychic readings for the public.
  • Ten percent of the money from each reading goes to The Brooke Healey Foundation for Research for the cure for Pediatric Brain Cancers.

Every third Sunday of the month I do live readings at
Tai Chi Sun Dragons Holistic Wellness Fair 
From 1pm-5pm
The address is
1270 Conrad Sauer
Ste 106
Houston, TX 77043
I do the readings for a special price of
$20 For 20 minutes.