I’ll Know You By Your Heart
Part 1

Synopsis of I’ll Know You By Your Heart Part 1

     “In the loony bin they say, “For every patient who walks through the front door
there is someone crazier on the outside who helped to drive them there. Actually, when
my turn came, I drove myself.”
     Sunny Harris has decided to try crazy since coping well hasn’t done a thing to
change her situation. Not only is her first love and husband suddenly in the mafia, but he
is serial cheating and selling drugs. Sunny isn’t supposed to know any of this, but she was
born psychic and, her life in danger, she decides to hide in the mental health ward of the
local hospital to have a nervous breakdown and make some tough life changing
     She meets Alexander Grandy, a brilliant, though extremely troubled ex-
psychiatrist who is also a patient, and as they grow closer, she reads chapters of the book
she’s been writing to him each evening after the day of intensive therapy. It’s based on
her dreams of a past life lived in 1797 as a girl named Jessamyn. Alexander believes in
Sunny and is fascinated when he finds out that when researching the period she was
writing about, she discovered that many of her main characters had actually lived and
done the things she’s been dreaming and writing about. Together, they search for answers
as to why she has been gifted with this sense of knowing.

Excerpts: I’ll Know You By Your Heart Part 1.

Visiting Day

     Predictably Mah told two people off before she even made it to the nurse’s station.
Misplaced anger was her favorite defense mechanism. Right now it was protecting her
from the severity of my sad situation.
     Gram, decked out in a big, purple picture hat, was close at her heels, carrying her
cane in her right hand, obviously at Mah’s insistence; but moving along at a brisk pace
just under a run.

"The best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen, or even heard, but must be felt by the heart."

                                               -Helen Keller

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I’ll Know You By Your Heart
Part 2

Excerpts :  I’ll Know You By Your Heart Part 2.

Sunny’s husband insists on buying a bargain-priced house for the family to live in,
but Sunny has been confronted by the ghost who haunts the house. She struggles as to
whether or not to tell her husband in order to discourage him from the sale, so she asks her mother and gram to check out the ghostly visitor and advise her:.

     “Mah pulled into the driveway and as they got out of the car and walked toward
me, I asked, ‘Have you got your psychic antennaes up and in place?’”
     “They climbed to the top step of the porch and I laughed. They were dressed
exactly like the opposites they were. Mah was taking no nonsense from anyone including ghosts, in navy slacks and a neat white sleeveless top, the usual understated, demure makeup and hairstyle. But Gram looked ready to tell fortunes at a carnival. She had on a black turban and her dress was a swirl print in purple, turquoise, black, and green. Large, green fake pearl hoop earrings and a five strand pop-bead pearl necklace, clashed with her turquoise fringed shawl. She threw one end of the shawl over her shoulder and the bracelets on both arms clattered, ‘Hi, Honey,’ she grinned.”
     “Great get-up, Gram.”
     “Mah turned on us both, arms crossed, back rigid. ‘Don’t encourage her. I told her
I’m not setting foot in a restaurant with her this afternoon unless she takes off half of that jewelry and replaces the shawl in favor of a sensible cardigan. I can’t imagine who she thinks she is…”

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